Cofinimmo and a foreign government have entered on April 21st, 2016 into an agreement which, subject to prior approval by the relevant Belgian authorities of the required planning and other permit applications, would result in the sale of the property currently owned by Cofinimmo at Boulevard du Souverain/Vorstlaan 25 in 1170 Brussels, Belgium to said foreign government.

Cofinimmo will retain ownership of the adjacent building Souverain/Vorst 23 and intends to convert that part of the complex into residential apartments.

The purchaser and the seller will cooperate in order to preserve the exceptional quality of this entire site which will be vacated by its current occupant AXA Belgium when its lease terminates in August 2017.

De Beleggersgids Redactie
De Beleggersgids Redactie

De Beleggersgids redactie schrijft over beleggen, investeren in vastgoed, geld en alternatieve vormen van investeringen. Nieuws, opinies, informatie en veel meer.

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