In 2011, the Ahold USA divisions set a very ambitious goal – to eliminate a total of one billion paper and plastic grocery bags from landfills. And now we’re proud to report that they achieved the one billion bag reduction goal this summer, eliminating enough bags to circle the earth seven times. Now that’s a lot of bags! 


Ahold USA and division associates have worked very hard to accomplish this goal through: 

  • Better bagging techniques and increased items per bag
  • Placing items with handles directly in shopping carts (e.g., milk, pet food, detergent)
  • Promoting the use of reusable bags with customers

To celebrate this achievement, Ahold USA’s Sustainable Retailing Team is giving each Support Office associate a new reusable bag, to keep the momentum going and continue to eliminate bags from landfills. On September 17, the division stores also gave out 100 free reusable bags to their first 100 customers to keep supporting their positive contributions to this goal. By achieving the one billion bags goal, the Ahold USA divisions also helped us meet another target of our sustainable retailing strategy

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De Beleggersgids Redactie

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