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Ahold Delhaize was recognized today in the 2016 Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World) for the first time as a new company, ranking among the industry leaders in the Food and Staples Retailing sector.


Ahold Delhaize received a total score of 79, well above the Food and Staples Retailing industry average score of 44. The DJSI World is a leading benchmark for investors who integrate sustainability considerations into their portfolios.

“Inclusion in the Index strengthens my belief that as Ahold Delhaize, together our brands can make an ever bigger difference in local communities – and the world,” said Ahold Delhaize CEO Dick Boer. “The brands[1] of Ahold Delhaize share a commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of customers, associates and the communities we serve. We will continue building our sustainable retailing strategy with a focus on promoting healthier eating, reducing food waste and creating healthy and inclusive workplaces.”

Boer noted that Ahold Delhaize performed particularly well in several significant categories, including health & nutrition, raw material sourcing and human capital development and with a performance well-balanced between economic, environmental and social criteria. “This reflects the outstanding efforts and contributions of the 375,000 associates of our local brands operating in eleven countries,” he said.

Ahold Delhaize was formed from the merger between Ahold and Delhaize Group in July 2016. Both companies were each included as industry leaders in the Food and Staples Retailing sector in the 2015 DJSI and have strong track records in sustainability.

As the 2016 ranking was completed prior to the merger, Ahold and Delhaize Group were scored separately. Their individual scores were then combined, using a weighted calculation based on the pre-merger value of their market shares.

The DJSI World, started in 1999 as the first global sustainability benchmark, tracks the performance of the world’s leading companies against economic, environmental and social criteria.

For more information about Ahold Delhaize and its sustainable retailing priority areas, please visit www.aholddelhaize.com/en/sustainable-retailing.

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